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MUNA 2007 : exploring their exotic nature

October 11, 2007

Sunset Walengkabola

The sunrise in Desa Oempu, Walengkabola (C. Rahmadi)

Villa Walengkabola

The image of morning beauty of Walengkabola Villa (C. Rahmadi)

Napabale Lake

The karstic lake in Muna Island, about ten kilometers from Raha (C. Rahmadi)

Cave Painting

The cave painting in Liangkabori about 20 km from Raha. The paintings are about 1.000 years old (C. Rahmadi)

La Koo doline

The collapse doline with underground lake in Gua L Koo (Desa Lantongau Mawasangka (Buton)), a resource for drinking water. For scale there are for mens in the middle of images (C. Rahmadi)

Cave diving in spring

Stefan Eberhard from Australia, mapping the Fitukanteno Cave in Walengkabola (C. Rahmadi). A lot of spring that you can dive there. Please go for it!!!

Blue Hole

The Blue Hole, a saline water lake that connected to the sea. Good place for swimming and diving (C. Rahmadi)

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